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The Lane Table Tennis Club

This is a sample page of how a proposed Challenge Ladder would appear, both for Singles and for Doubles.  Doubles partners would declare themselves as a team to be added to the Doubles Ladder. Members would specify if they want to be active in the Challenge Ladder or not.  

Rankings and Ratings would be updated periodically, depending on the amount of participation within the club.  A member who has been active can simply declare themselves inactive (don’t contact for challenges) if they are going on vacation, aren’t playing during a certain time of year, or simply don’t want to participate at that time.  They can then become active again in the future.   Please look this page over, and email me (dena.fowler@gmail.com) with any ideas on improvements and whether you would be interested in participating or not.  If I have enough interest I will start the Ladders sometime this Fall.

This is a sample of what the Doubles Challenge Ladder might look like.  Please don’t get all ruffled if I’ve teamed you up with someone you wouldn’t normally play doubles with.  THIS IS JUST A SAMPLE!