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The Lane Table Tennis Club

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Paddle Palace


Largest United States supplier of table tennis supplies.  And located in our own home state in Portland!  They’ve always been nice to work with, they ship quickly, and they now have their own table tennis club as well.  See below.  They just held their first tournament in February 2017.  Check them out!

Other Table Tennis Clubs Around The State

If you like to travel or play in competitions, other clubs will host tournaments throughout the year.  Get yourself on their mailing list and maybe you can attend some of these events.

Salem, Oregon

Bend, Oregon

USATT - United States Association of Table Tennis





Ratings Central

There are a variety of things you can find on this site.  Brush up on the Rules of the Game, or check out the latest Table Tennis news.  Want to play in tournaments in your area or across the country?  Many tournaments are USATT rated events, which means you have to be a USATT member to play in them.  Get a membership and join some tournaments.  It’s fun and the competition is great!!   Check out the rankings of players in your area or the top players from around the world!

Paddle Palace Club


Paddle Palace just opened this brand new facility in late 2016 next to their supplier warehouse in Tigard, Oregon.  They have a regulation floor, new tables, and other amenities.  They are starting to host tournaments at various times of the year.  Drop in sometime and see the club!

If you’re interested in playing in tournaments, go to this site.  You can find tournaments being held in your area or around the country.  Once you register on this site, you can access the official entry forms and enter tournaments.

This is a site that keeps ratings on players around the world based on a different formula.  Their site claims their ratings are more accurate than USATT ratings.  Our club uses Ratings Central to rank players for tournaments.  

Eugene Table Tennis Club


Portland, Oregon

Paddle Palace Club


Portland Table Tennis Club


Ambridge Table Tennis Club


Pure Pong In The Pearl


Willamette Table Tennis Club


Bend Table Tennis Club


Eugene/Springfield Area