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The Lane Table Tennis Club

Okke Duursma

“BJ” Jacobucci

Past Webmaster

Fred Vargas

Mike Barnes

Steve Cooney

Tom Huang

Howard Epstein

Winston Maxwell

Lorna Frey

John Morrison

John Grimes

Michael Young

Tomasz Jachowicz

Jima Britian

John Hoffman

Kwang Jo Kim

Gabby Garibay

Gary Kreiger

Ralph McDonald

Philip Bayles

Tom Rozinski

Joe Enders

Steve Flowers

John Cushing

Walter Hough

Charles Joeckel

KJ Park

Martin Sage

Marcos Solistio

Hao Wang

Dick Browning

Kay Amarys

Eric Lugert

Herb Cherick

Robert Meyer

Jerry Jones

Wade Guthrie

Phil Root

Marty Robins

Petrus Askrauskas

Don Wilson

Becky Acton

Samir Patel

Richard Dilworth

Gary Marsh

Bob Sisson

Dennis Albers

Richard Brzezinski

Ray Borror

Lauran Davidson

Susan Goodyear

Bob Ozwoeld

Grace Fowler-Gore

Ed Fowler-Gore

Susan Beckley

Kwai Chu

Mathew Fitzpatrick

Mike Shelley

Doyle Clifton

Bob Foster


Jack Turner

6-15-42 to 5-9-17

In Memorium - Members We Have Lost

Jon Davis

Passed 2013

Harry Ehrmantruat

Founding Member

Passed 2015

Chuck Russell

Passed 2014

Frank Bertrand

Passed 2017

Dena Fowler-Gore



I’d love to hear from you if you have any ideas for improvements, or corrections, to our website.  See you at the club!

Coaching & Lessons

Whether you’re a beginner or advanced player, our Club Coach Kurt Bato is available to give you lessons or coaching to improve your game.  Look him up at the club or contact him by phone or e-mail for hourly rates.  Specials and group lessons are sometimes offered.

Dave Combs



Tom Mitchell

Steering Committee

Kevin Murphy

Steering Committee

Larry Benedick

Steering Committee

Mike Pittman

Steering Committee

Board Members

Member Dues -  Please keep our club running smoothly by paying your dues by the first of the month or as soon as possible afterwards.   You can pay Dave in person by cash or check, or take advantage of the Paypal link shown at the right.

You can now pay your $15 monthly dues using PayPal simply by clicking the donate button below and specify the amount to be paid: